in drum in a sentence

  1. According to several reports, the red ink is being stored in drums.
  2. It specialises in drum & bass but has released Dubstep & House.
  3. She was baptised as Deirdre and grew up in Drum, County Waterford.
  4. He won " Best Prog Drummer " in DRUM USA magazine 2011.
  5. In 1962 the Conyngham National Bank opened a branch in Drums.
  6. It's difficult to find in drum in a sentence.
  7. Narration is used much more than in Drum Corps as well.
  8. It is more prevalent in drum brakes due to their configuration.
  9. Fuels fires are contained in drums or tanks that have been cut open.
  10. It is one of the labels specialising in drum and bass.
  11. Dolmayan first became interested in drums at the age of two.
  12. Due to a death in Drum's family, no HeroesCon was held in 1986.
  13. The pair recorded songs at Little's Golden Age Studios in drums, guitars and synthesisers.
  14. She was carrying a cargo of aviation fuel in drums.
  15. This move was the biggest news in drum manufacturing in the past 20 years.
  16. Based in Veradale, Washington, Thunder performs in Drum Corps International ( DCI ) competitions.
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