in comparison to in a sentence

"in comparison to" in Chinese  
  1. Is the size of the signal significant in comparison to random noise?
  2. All other property developments pale in comparison to this piece of land.
  3. But that pales in comparison to what he brings to this city.
  4. But it pales in comparison to events of a few years ago.
  5. It diminished Bush in comparison to the international experience that Gore has,
  6. It's difficult to find in comparison to in a sentence.
  7. The Publix stock also has performed well in comparison to other chains.
  8. But Towey said all other problems paled in comparison to electric power.
  9. The wood was clearly unworn in comparison to the lockers aside them.
  10. American objects of the 40s were so advanced in comparison to Italy,
  11. We are underendowed in comparison to the schools we are competing with,
  12. But it pales in comparison to the cost of health care.
  13. The album was not particularly successful in comparison to previous releases.
  14. Garret Anderson is just a pup in comparison to Joe DiMaggio.
  15. In comparison to other North Lippe communities it is densely populated.
  16. Just how intelligent are starlings in comparison to other talking birds?
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