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  1. Leveraged buyouts work best in companies that have dependable cash flows.
  2. A robust economy produces earnings in companies that will surprise people.
  3. The earnings are the highest in company history, said Hafslund.
  4. Stocks in companies that make technology for prepaid cards are rising.
  5. Investors sold shares in companies that went ex-dividend today.
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  7. Foreign funds are buying shares in companies that have strong exports.
  8. Shares in companies wanting to bid for the government licenses rose.
  9. And it restricted investments in companies doing business in Northern Ireland.
  10. The forecast prompted a drop of 9 percent in company shares.
  11. That fund can invest in companies in more than 40 countries.
  12. The remainder will come from sales in companies such as Bull.
  13. I was in Company B of the 612th Tank Destroyer Battalion.
  14. The remainder must be in companies doing business in that region.
  15. They're not enrolling in company employee stock ownership programs.
  16. The biggest mistake : investing too much money in company stock.
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