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  1. The Eastern Christians, with very few exceptions, remained in communion with Acacius.
  2. John Chrysostom spent much of his life not in communion with Rome.
  3. In communion with the Catholic Church and thus recognise each other's claims.
  4. These churches, while being in communion with one another, are hierarchically independent.
  5. He accepted as an authority men not in communion with Rome.
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  7. The last bishop in communion with the see of Rome was Thomas Thirlby.
  8. It is probable that the prelates were in communion with Rome.
  9. I need to do that, I need to be in communion with them.
  10. The faith lives and breathes by God's energies in communion with the Church.
  11. As Son, Jesus is always in communion with God the Father.
  12. In communion with the Pope they reaffirm certain basic principles:
  13. In addition, some organisations in communion with the OEC severed ties with the church.
  14. Well, for a few moments I was Ed Abbey in communion with the desert.
  15. For many, being an Anglican means being in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury.
  16. The Roman Catholic Church continued to appoint bishops in communion with the Holy See.
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