in common in a sentence

"in common" meaning  "in common" in Chinese  
  1. The two made a good team but have little in common.
  2. The couples soon discovered they had a lot more in common.
  3. What impresses me is what all human beings have in common,
  4. The misses he has had have all had something in common.
  5. What did Alexander the Great and Babe Ruth have in common?
  6. It's difficult to find in common in a sentence.
  7. But geography was about all the two candidates had in common.
  8. What all these people have in common is not monetary incapacity.
  9. It had only one thing in common with Lakewood : softball.
  10. Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole do not have much in common.
  11. We have so much in common that this must be achieved.
  12. I think Joey and myself have a little bit in common,
  13. Paradox may be the only thing this generation has in common.
  14. He had little in common with the common people he served.
  15. Their rapport was instant and they had many aims in common,
  16. We have more in common genetically with frogs than people realize.
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