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  1. But Republican senators said they would fight in committee to block him.
  2. From 1830 he became closely involved in committee work on important reforms.
  3. Transportation service network company : passenger privacy . ( Died in Committee)
  4. It might come from the record of testimony compiled in Committee Hearings.
  5. Some lawmakers were already in committee hearings when the threat was made.
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  7. Barnes voted for the measure in committee and on the House floor.
  8. Much of the work of the Scottish Parliament is done in committee.
  9. And he flatly predicted passage both in committee and in the House.
  10. Much of the work of the Flemish Parliament is done in committee.
  11. In committee hearings, Celestin reportedly had said the police should be political.
  12. A proposal in Massachusetts this year has been tripped up in committee.
  13. The differences in the bills must be reconciled in committee meetings.
  14. However, the legislature adjourned while the bill was still in committee.
  15. The House and Senate amounts must still be brought into alignment in committee.
  16. Similar bills have been introduced before and have died in committee.
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