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  1. On 1 May 1946, the destroyer was placed in commission, in reserve.
  2. He figures that he saved more than $ 10, 000 in commissions.
  3. Between 1970 and 1975, Lockheed paid Khashoggi $ 106 million in commissions.
  4. The earnings were led by gains in commissions, fees and interest income.
  5. There she was placed in commission in ordinary on 18 July 1921.
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  7. During this time he mostly painted portraits in commission of wealthy patrons.
  8. On 8 March 1946, the destroyer was placed in commission, in reserve.
  9. The submarine was placed back in commission on 5 May 1957.
  10. Finn and Spitzer said they didn't know how much Chase made in commissions.
  11. But more than $ 2 . 5billion in commissions and fees stay here.
  12. When loan volume is down, mortgage loan employees make less money in commissions.
  13. At the center of the investigation are two increases in commission fee structures.
  14. There is no cadency of PKW-membership in Commission expires at 70.
  15. The airlines pay travel agents about $ 6 billion in commissions each year.
  16. A change in commission rules placed the validity of those votes in question.
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