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  1. Environmentalists also question whether the area actually has limestone in commercial quantities.
  2. Petroleum in commercial quantities was first discovered in the northeast in 1956.
  3. The United States has not produced farmed Chinook in commercial quantities since 1994.
  4. Gemstones such as sapphire, opal and chrysoprase are also mined in commercial quantities.
  5. The area's transformation was launched with the discovery of oil in commercial quantities.
  6. It's difficult to find in commercial quantity in a sentence.
  7. Managers have also launched a pilot program to harvest tilapia in commercial quantities.
  8. Other major crops are coconuts and citrus fruits which are grown in commercial quantities.
  9. Glaxo has previously stated that form one Zantac is chemically unstable in commercial quantities.
  10. Tobacco, tomatoes, sweet corn, and other vegetables are still produced there in commercial quantities.
  11. We did find hydrocarbons, but not in commercial quantities.
  12. Through 1936 none of the wells had demonstrated the presence of oil in commercial quantities.
  13. These raw materials occur in commercial quantities and qualities.
  14. Environmentalists worry about pollution if diamonds are found in commercial quantities in the central Arctic.
  15. Located along the Mississippi river, this plant was producing gasoline in commercial quantities by 1948.
  16. Its first application in commercial quantities came with a mass spraying of Niger farmland in August.
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