in commerce in a sentence

"in commerce" in Chinese  
  1. The stores themselves are less interested in privacy than in commerce.
  2. A : There's never been total privacy in commerce.
  3. But public service restrictions on government leaders engaging in commerce remained.
  4. In commerce and manufacturing, there are many uses for refrigeration.
  5. The rest of the population is involved in commerce and services.
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  7. After graduating from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University in commerce.
  8. He attended Keio University and graduated with a degree in Commerce.
  9. The guild sometimes carried on a kind of cooperation in commerce.
  10. The region became a key post in commerce of Southeast Asia.
  11. Anderson graduated from USC in 1925 with a degree in Commerce.
  12. He received a bachelor's degree in Commerce in 1966.
  13. Shyam Sunder Goenka graduated in Commerce from West Bengal State University.
  14. The college offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses in commerce.
  15. He completed his graduation in commerce from Chandigarh University in 1993.
  16. Dilip Chhabria graduated with a bachelor's degree in commerce.
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