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"in commendam" in Chinese  
  1. In 1589 he was appointed abbot of Saint-Denis in commendam.
  2. In 1442 the abbey was placed " in commendam ".
  3. He retained the monastery of Farfa " in commendam ".
  4. In 1636 he was presented In commendam with the Cloyne.
  5. At the end of the Middle Ages the monastery was held in commendam.
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  7. He was allowed to retain the archdeaconry of Killaloe and other preferments in commendam.
  8. In 1474 it was therefore suppressed and turned into " in commendam ".
  9. He became abbot of Walden " in commendam " at an unknown date.
  10. Owen held six rectories with his bishopric, mostly " in commendam ".
  11. Ruffo went to Naples, where he was named administrator of the in commendam ".
  12. He was allowed to retain the Shropshire livings in commendam with the bishopric until his death.
  13. After holding the rich living of in commendam by which medieval and later bishops had often profited.
  14. In 1716 he was appointed abbot " in commendam " of the Abbey of Doudeauville.
  15. He held Inchaffray Abbey from 1514 and Scone Abbey from 1518 " in commendam ".
  16. In both countries, the practice of nominating abbacies " in commendam " had become widespread.
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