in commemoration in a sentence

"in commemoration" in Chinese  
  1. Gurudwara Sri Darbar Sahib was built in commemoration of Guru Nanak.
  2. In commemoration, the 49ers wore a special 50th anniversary patch.
  3. He named his next child Restore in commemoration of this event.
  4. India Posts issued a postage stamp in commemoration of the achievement.
  5. Financial markets were closed yesterday in commemoration of the coup.
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  7. In commemoration, Jews light candles at sunset for eight consecutive days.
  8. In commemoration he placed miniature cannons on various parts of the property.
  9. A plaque in commemoration to him remains in the foyer in Anfield.
  10. In commemoration, he settled the seaside hamlet of Prevelly ".
  11. This was in commemoration of the " Cinco de Noviembre"
  12. In 1968 a plaque was unveiled at his former home in commemoration.
  13. In 2010, Chambers took part in commemorations honoring Operation Frequent Wind.
  14. It is given internationally in commemoration of physicist Leo Szilard.
  15. The second was in commemoration of Indian Republic Day.
  16. Spain has celebrated the date for years in commemoration of Cervantes'death.
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