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  1. His defense put the Bulls in command in Games 2 and 3.
  2. His new job would place Beeston second in command to the commissioner.
  3. He was in command of all of his pitches and it showed.
  4. Payton and Baker kept the Sonics in command most of the game.
  5. It is important for this market to see the president in command.
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  7. They were in command for most of the contest against Kansas City.
  8. But Wakefield was supposed to be in command of the settlement.
  9. He was in command on the mound and at the plate.
  10. Granby was sent to Paderborn in command of a cavalry brigade.
  11. Prabowo was in command of the elite troops at the time.
  12. And on the skirmishes that counted, abortion foes were in command.
  13. Sergeant Derrick was in command of his platoon of the company.
  14. His actions in command of the Squadron earned him the DSO.
  15. He was placed in command of the District of Eastern Texas.
  16. Longstreet survived the battle unscathed and in command of his men.
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