in command of in a sentence

"in command of" in Chinese  
  1. He's in command of the deputies who investigate crash scenes and vehicles.
  2. Soo Nam Park is very much in command of his daughter's career.
  3. In command of the final flight was Randall Schmoyer, a Delta captain.
  4. Arturo Nunez, the second in command of the interior ministry, said Saturday.
  5. Penn State was in command of the game in the first half.
  6. It's difficult to find in command of in a sentence.
  7. Sorenstam knows she is stalking history and in command of the spotlight.
  8. Bolodo, rescued by fishermen, was second in command of the Cebu City.
  9. He was in command of all of his pitches and it showed.
  10. In lieutenant colonel in command of cavalry in the Continental Army.
  11. But Wakefield was supposed to be in command of the settlement.
  12. Hingis is looking and acting the champion, in command of all she surveys.
  13. Sergeant Derrick was in command of his platoon of the company.
  14. The Jeff Davis County sheriff was in command of the scene Sunday night.
  15. In command of the Regiment was Colonel Thomas N . Pace.
  16. Rear Admiral Otto Feige was placed in command of the operation.
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