in charge in a sentence

  1. So far only two of those cases have resulted in charges.
  2. Hoffmann was in charge of communications at the time in Czechoslovakia.
  3. I went away feeling there was a competent person in charge.
  4. Ibrahim was in charge of ringing the school bell each morning.
  5. But they are in charge of their own life and decisions.
  6. It's difficult to find in charge in a sentence.
  7. And this decision truly shows that he is still in charge.
  8. Beamer has been in charge of the Hokies for 13 years.
  9. You will never see a woman in charge of the grill.
  10. Sakakibara sits atop its bureau in charge of foreign exchange policy.
  11. He was in charge of the scholarship fund for the church,
  12. He created a system where he was in charge of everything.
  13. Endres and Ulrich Weiss will be in charge of internal services.
  14. The firm is to remain in charge until Sept . 30.
  15. And he left no doubt about who would be in charge.
  16. 19 . Put them in charge of the family recycling effort.
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