in characterization in a sentence

  1. Russia has been rich in characterizations of the inside wielders of power.
  2. It was also one of the tools in characterization of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor.
  3. In the dramatic Kuchipudi solos, Indrani's quick shifts in characterization were always subtle and deep.
  4. Designers used motion capture to get realism in characterization.
  5. But there are glorious fringe benefits, especially in characterization.
  6. It's difficult to find in characterization in a sentence.
  7. Asked about the seeming change in characterization, Gourdine said : " Perhaps we're engaging in semantics.
  8. Booklist says this series " just keeps getting richer in characterization, ambience and Celtic lore ."
  9. Alexandra Ripley's " Scarlett " demeans " GWTW " in manifold ways, most pertinently in characterization.
  10. Nhp2 mutations are similar in characterization to Nop10.
  11. "The Winner " is predictable, as it isn't well-written, but there's a sure bonus in characterization.
  12. The party was attended by children and grownups who, in characterization, ranged from nice to naughty.
  13. Krauss'consummate skills in characterization earned him the title of " the man with a thousand faces ".
  14. Modern scholarship reveals that Aristotle's " lost " works stray considerably in characterization from the surviving Aristotelian corpus.
  15. However, progress in characterization of EPF has been made and its existence is well-accepted in the scientific community.
  16. Yet the dreams are the heart of this production, which otherwise is both skimpy in characterization and physically overproduced.
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