in chambers in a sentence

  1. Memorized performances, though commonplace in solo recitals, are rare in chamber concerts.
  2. The firm has 19 shareholders recognized in Chambers & Partners legal directory.
  3. Decisions to dismiss potential jurors for cause have been made in chambers.
  4. He also performs as a recitalist and appears in chamber music performances.
  5. Overall, Garkta performed with more than 100 musicians in chamber music concerts.
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  7. Now film is turning up in chamber concerts and recitals as well.
  8. In Chambers'place, rookie Brad Lukowich played his fourth game of the playoffs.
  9. Clandestine sacrifices, Bardot said, " transforms slaughterhouses in chambers of horror ."
  10. The Sieglinde was installed in chambers on the sides of the U-boat.
  11. During her studies, she developed an intense interest in chamber music.
  12. The driver surrendered in Chambers County, more than 35 miles away.
  13. Vaillandet was born in Chamber of Deputies from 1936 to 1940.
  14. He was a soloist and in chamber orchestras both in Austria and abroad.
  15. Aguero was born at the Goodnight Farm in Chamber of Commerce in Lubbock.
  16. Orchestra students will also have the opportunity to perform in chamber music settings.
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