in case in a sentence

"in case" meaning  "in case" in Chinese  
  1. Doctors will be on hand in case their assistance is needed.
  2. The family wanted the implants in case of future medical emergencies.
  3. And we had Rocker going just in case something crazy happened.
  4. We want to protect the women in case something rough happens,
  5. But I made 63 just in case they made a mistake.
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  7. Some small stationery stores carry carbon paper _ just in case.
  8. One female humor writer always demands condoms _ just in case.
  9. Have a backup plan in case your child gets into trouble.
  10. I also bought poster board just in case it was needed.
  11. Place on a cookie sheet in case the pie runs over.
  12. Others may choose to borrow now in case yields rise further.
  13. I was carrying this thing around just in case of emergency.
  14. Authorities evacuated the building in case a second explosive was inside.
  15. A postponement had been widely expected in case of a strike.
  16. Watch your club selection in case you have violence in mind.
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