in cascade in a sentence

"in cascade" in Chinese  
  1. Seerattan lived in Cascade, an upscale neighborhood near the capital.
  2. It is now housed in Cascade Films Foyer in South Melbourne.
  3. Scattered showers will be most persistent in Cascades and Bitteroots.
  4. Trading in Cascade shares was briefly halted after the company announcement today.
  5. Graybeards in cascading Pashtun turbans chat with young men in Western suits.
  6. It's difficult to find in cascade in a sentence.
  7. Amplifiers often have multiple stages in cascade to increase gain.
  8. They are generally implemented as smaller switch fabrics in cascade.
  9. There may be some drawbacks when several amplifiers in cascade.
  10. The Whitneys were among the early settlers in Cascade Township.
  11. This survey monument can be found in Cascades Park near the amphitheater.
  12. Eastholme is the only remaining summer resort building in Cascade.
  13. Mortars fell in cascade from hundreds of concealed pits.
  14. The index was pulled down Friday after shares in Cascade skidded 17 percent.
  15. But efforts to stop transition in Cascade failed too.
  16. Loomis sold its entire 20, 000-share stake in Cascade last year.
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