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  1. In Carnation, officials worry about leaks in the Tolt River.
  2. The evening wear was finely feathered with ostrich plumage in carnation or pistachio.
  3. They are usually recessive, although the double flower mutation in carnations exhibits incomplete dominance.
  4. Surchur, located in Carnation, Washington, was privately held and self-funded.
  5. Davidson was raised in Carnation, Washington.
  6. It's difficult to find in carnation in a sentence.
  7. Parks does not do ironic bird sculptures in carnations like those popular this minute with arty floral designers.
  8. Although the disease is widespread in carnations, the symptoms are relatively mild and do not pose a major problem.
  9. Lake Marcel is the third largest lake by surface area in Carnation, after Lake Joy with and Lake Langlois with.
  10. I guess this recipe would also work in Carnation, Monroe, Lynden or any other place where corn and cows are plentiful.
  11. The principal masquers were fifteen knights of Olympia, dressed in carnation costumes; the musicians were costumed as twelve priests of Jove.
  12. They've kicked'em, dropped weights on'em, rubbed'em down, even soaked'em in Carnation instant milk.
  13. Palms raised for prayer, they face a cross covered in carnations, roses and jasmine, lighted by candles and accompanied by statues of saints.
  14. Besides this, she attended Illinois State Normal University in Normal, and also ran a day care business in Carnation, Washington for 25 years.
  15. Carnation has a high rate of home ownership for King County; 73.31 % of the homes in Carnation are occupied by people who own them.
  16. It was a coffin that, like the seven beside it, was covered in carnations and tulips and lilies, bedecked in Russian Orthodox icons and wept over by thousands of mourners.
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