in care in a sentence

"in care" meaning  "in care" in Chinese  
  1. A : Mail can be sent in care of her agent.
  2. But it produced little solid evidence of general deterioration in care.
  3. A : Mail can be sent in care of his attorney.
  4. Staffing shortages create the potential for problems in caring for animals.
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  7. Salisbury said parents face new challenges in caring for their youngsters.
  8. Others serve in caring for the upkeep of the historic abbey.
  9. She also had her sons placed in care of the Jesuits.
  10. At her Jubilee year 1912, 348 girls were in care.
  11. A Case History : How Three Children Ended Up in Care
  12. "Do you believe in caring ? " demanded Rice.
  13. So Enos was provided with 24-hour live-in care.
  14. And yet the state had become a model in caring for them.
  15. This has been a major gap in caring for patients.
  16. All had experience in caring for patients at the end of life.
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