in cardboard box in a sentence

"in cardboard box" in Chinese  
  1. "Really good high-performance people, " she said, their careers in cardboard boxes.
  2. The Valujet plane carried about 119 oxygen generators in cardboard boxes.
  3. Wrap each one or store them in cardboard boxes made for this purpose.
  4. Some, newly arrived, sit packed in cardboard boxes on the floor.
  5. The pale pink-and-green tablets were packed inside lengths of plastic pipe in cardboard boxes.
  6. It's difficult to find in cardboard box in a sentence.
  7. The couple has in the past smuggled hashish in cardboard boxes labeled as toys.
  8. The Rajbhars packed the dead bodies in cardboard boxes that they used to transport artwork.
  9. Young boys with pastries and bread in cardboard boxes moved through the crowd of laborers.
  10. The sheep were represented by performers in cardboard boxes, that move along with the music.
  11. They entertain themselves by pulling each other around in cardboard boxes attached to long strings.
  12. They pile up now, many unopened, in cardboard boxes.
  13. This is where they live in cardboard boxes to experience what the homeless go through.
  14. The prints were in the basement in cardboard boxes,
  15. Packed tightly in cardboard boxes were 370 poison frogs.
  16. He clips several Mexican daily newspapers, keeping his trove in cardboard boxes in a closet.
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