in captivity in a sentence

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  1. About 100 more live in captivity-- mostly in China.
  2. Most gorillas in captivity live to about 40, Werle said.
  3. As they remained in captivity, public support turned to impatience.
  4. Only a polar bear figures he is better off in captivity.
  5. Of those, 12 have been killed or died in captivity.
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  7. In captivity, these canny bears need lots of enrichment orstimulation.
  8. All the hostages were freed unharmed after 10 days in captivity.
  9. She is not in captivity because I want her to be.
  10. In captivity, the average life expectancy is about 30 years.
  11. In captivity, bald eagles may live 40 or more years.
  12. How much was the delusional result of having been in captivity?
  13. With red hair like nothing Rose has ever seen in captivity.
  14. She thought the kitten represented the loneliness of children in captivity,
  15. It is true that our imagination remains free even in captivity.
  16. Rearing alligators in captivity is the easy part, scientists say.
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