in capsule form in a sentence

"in capsule form" in Chinese  
  1. BHT is marketed as a health food supplement in capsule form.
  2. It is sold in capsule form and also as a suspension.
  3. You can't inhale it or swallow it in capsule form.
  4. It's usually found in capsule form.
  5. A safe dose for adults is 50 milligrams three times daily in capsule form.
  6. It's difficult to find in capsule form in a sentence.
  7. The two products come in capsule form and together cost about $ 35 a month.
  8. Sports medicine in capsule form ::
  9. In capsule form harking back to October, this was a disorganized mess of embarrassing futility.
  10. Acetylcysteine is available as a health supplement in the United States, typically in capsule form.
  11. In Australia, purified food chemicals in capsule form are available to doctors for patient testing.
  12. Lycopene has been a popular nutritional supplement for years and is sold in capsule form without a prescription.
  13. The house of the future was variously portrayed as inflatable, in capsule form, in prefabricated modules.
  14. That's college football in capsule form heading into the regular-season's final weekend.
  15. _echinacea, taken in capsule form or as drops, to short-circuit cold and flu bugs.
  16. Instead, Cartwright started taking shark cartilage, which several companies sell in capsule form, and lots of vitamins.
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