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  1. The leap in capacity could transform the video and music industries.
  2. The chief advantage of DVD is an enormous increase in capacity.
  3. We are accelerating our investments in capacity to meet future demand.
  4. Investment is very low, with a net reduction in capacity,
  5. While most recessions occur when consumer a huge surplus in capacity.
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  7. And pricing power cannot come without a permanent reduction in capacity.
  8. The venues range in capacities from 300 to 2, 300.
  9. Eventually, that growth in capacity will flatten out a little bit.
  10. Since 1970, the world commercial fishing fleet has doubled in capacity.
  11. They made a quick but crude cut in capacity the first week.
  12. The airport is very limited in capacity and land extent.
  13. The Blenheim production program saw several shifts in requirements and in capacity.
  14. Discharging beyond 2 V can also result in capacity fade.
  15. Other increases in capacity have come as a result of additional flights.
  16. The boot space was more than adequate, at over in capacity.
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