in capability in a sentence

  1. Now Microsoft is ready to tap that built-in capability.
  2. Overall a degradation in capability and efficiency results as the pressure increases.
  3. Not that I am big star, but I believe in capabilities.
  4. I want a dramatic decline in cost or a dramatic increase in capabilities.
  5. But both notebooks and desktops are shrinking in size and growing in capabilities.
  6. It's difficult to find in capability in a sentence.
  7. The introduction of jump take-off was another major improvement in capability.
  8. This was considered acceptable for the increase in capabilities.
  9. This increased caster significantly helped the turn-in capabilities of the car.
  10. "Our investments in capability must be sustained, " he added.
  11. The Itanium processors show a progression in capability.
  12. Generally full break-in capability is only available on more expensive radio transceivers.
  13. They might have more men, but in capability terms, they are far outmatched.
  14. Most computers sold abroad already have built-in capabilities for non-English characters.
  15. States are deemed similar in terms of needs but not in capabilities for achieving them.
  16. This difference in capability between physical delivery systems and electronic mail causes confusion and misunderstanding.
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