in cahoots in a sentence

"in cahoots" meaning  "in cahoots" in Chinese  
  1. Use your head : Pullman and the aliens were in cahoots.
  2. I guess you could say we were in cahoots this year.
  3. They're not in cahoots with the perpetrator ."
  4. But some say Silva is in cahoots with the Red Command.
  5. Lemer has done much recent work with the band In Cahoots.
  6. It's difficult to find in cahoots in a sentence.
  7. I guess that means he was in cahoots with the Israelis.
  8. Meanwhile, Dileep learns that Nayeem and Raja are in cahoots.
  9. "We were not in cahoots, " she said.
  10. At one point he thought I was in cahoots with the police,
  11. Suggests someone else in CTU is in cahoots with terrorists.
  12. Realize milkman is in cahoots with mother and her embargo.
  13. Q : Two of my neighbors aru " in cahoots.
  14. The dad and the wife are in cahoots together.
  15. But Ms . Smith is not going to be in cahoots with anyone.
  16. Does she think they're in cahoots or are you just paranoid?
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