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  1. Analysts raised their profit estimates to reflect the pickup in business.
  2. Can they justify spending the money and still stay in business?
  3. No doubt there are going to be tremendous applications in business.
  4. It was hardly a textbook formula for getting ahead in business.
  5. Neither one can continue to lose money and stay in business.
  6. It's difficult to find in business in a sentence.
  7. People in business come to him like moths to a flame.
  8. I want my company to stay in business and do well,
  9. We have been in business for two and a half years.
  10. With my experience in business I can solve all the problems,
  11. The downturn was set off by a dive in business investment.
  12. Renew Sales Strategies Many industries are facing a slowdown in business.
  13. We have to do this to keep this utility in business.
  14. We are in business of protecting our coasts and our waters.
  15. The increase in the number represents an improvement in business confidence.
  16. The tourism sector was upbeat despite some slowing in business travel.
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