in broad in a sentence

"in broad" in Chinese  
  1. On many days, we find them out here digging in broad daylight.
  2. The contract called for the institute to participate in broad research programs.
  3. It flourishes in broad daylight in the busiest parts of major metros.
  4. The two men had been shot in the head in broad daylight.
  5. He sketches goals in broad brushstrokes and leaves the details to others.
  6. It's difficult to find in broad in a sentence.
  7. A bus blows up in broad daylight Tuesday in downtown Damascus.
  8. It was peaceful _ and, oddly, crickets sang in broad daylight.
  9. They implement policies which the community in broad has agreed upon.
  10. To compile a vintage chart is to paint in broad strokes.
  11. The reports require assets to be listed in broad value ranges.
  12. Meanwhile fear persists, not merely after dark but in broad daylight.
  13. Last week, two gunmen attacked a medical clinic in broad daylight.
  14. Drug trafficking and lawlessness reign in broad sections of the country.
  15. In broad daylight, a man with a gun stole her car.
  16. In 1999 she was kidnapped on the street in broad daylight.
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