in broad terms in a sentence

"in broad terms" in Chinese  
  1. In broad terms, Cuomo's proposals hit on six different areas of crime.
  2. And, despite concerns about unequal financing, they are, in broad terms, fair.
  3. It explains, in broad terms, why MCS can be a problematic diagnosis.
  4. Their draft describes historical issues, rather than events, in broad terms.
  5. In broad terms, the statement released by Mar'ie addressed these concerns.
  6. It's difficult to find in broad terms in a sentence.
  7. But communication, in broad terms, has been a consuming interest too.
  8. In broad terms, the further west, the more American the community.
  9. "We haven't discussed the matter of the contract itself except in broad terms.
  10. Dole and Clinton praised the governors'efforts, but only in broad terms.
  11. He previously sketched out his economic plans as a fiscal conservative in broad terms.
  12. A : In broad terms, the general narrative is accurate.
  13. Costas fielded questions about his future only in broad terms.
  14. He did outline in broad terms how investors tended to respond to fund companies.
  15. In broad terms, the two sides are not all that far apart this year.
  16. In broad terms he denounced poor education, bad leadership, corruption.
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