in broad day in a sentence

"in broad day" in Chinese  
  1. That too in broad day light, Police staring at all of this.
  2. In 2004 Geritano's own brother-in-law Andrew Gargiulo stabbed him to death in broad day light.
  3. Father V閚ard continued to exercise his ministry at night, and, more boldly, in broad day.
  4. Sultan then kills Nagma and Asghar ( Faizal's mother and uncle ) in the market in broad day light.
  5. Next day Raees and his gang attacks the campaign and beats the everyone involved in broad day light, creating a big news.
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  7. If there were reason behind the re-inspection of the office, this could have been done in broad day light and with the consent of the office, " the statement said.
  8. The song was written for a sad occasion : a 13-year-old Cape Verdean boy from the Dutch port city of Rotterdam murdered on the street in broad day light while playing in the snow with his friends.
  9. Henry Ludlow wrote that on another occasion he was " mobbed and egged & in broad day light & in the presence of approving & assenting justices of the peace and other officers of the town & " Fitz Hugh also reports that his father was a " ticket-agency on the Underground Railroad ."
  10. After the rising of 1745-1746, when the MacGregors were returning home, no-one ventured to interfere with them when they strode across Atholl, with their flying colours they strode passed Finlairg Castle where according to one source the Clan Campbell militia " durst not move more than pussies ", and the MacGregors defying in broad day light the out posts which Lord Campbell of Glenorchy had established in the passes.

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