in britain in a sentence

"in britain" in Chinese  
  1. The two men are also wanted for trial in Britain . lm
  2. Her dozen novels focus on the upper middle class in Britain.
  3. Now there are a bunch of artists in Britain doing it.
  4. In Britain alone he has sold more than 2 million woks.
  5. The pilots first learned about the error when back in Britain.
  6. It's difficult to find in britain in a sentence.
  7. A similar settlement 10 years ago in Britain provided slightly less.
  8. He said fighters were also being recruited in Britain and Bosnia.
  9. The next motorbike championship round is in Britain on May 26.
  10. His goal : to collect every commemorative beer produced in Britain.
  11. But in Britain there has been strong resistance to the idea.
  12. The rates now quoted in Britain are closer to 4 percent.
  13. Some Muslims in Britain called for the event to be canceled.
  14. The cricket World Cup will be played in April in Britain.
  15. Low mortgage rates have helped feed a housing boom in Britain.
  16. Takeover activity in the newspaper industry in Britain has been widespread.
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