in brief in a sentence

"in brief" meaning  "in brief" in Chinese  
  1. Arafat said in brief comments to reporters at the presidential Elysee Palace.
  2. Both served as advisors on the game and put in brief cameos.
  3. IN BRIEF : PM to suspend foreign trips for three months, NATION
  4. Clinton told reporters in brief remarks in the White House briefing room.
  5. NEWS IN BRIEF : Murder charges to be pressed against Serm, NATION
  6. It's difficult to find in brief in a sentence.
  7. Barroso said in brief remarks televised live nationwide from his official residence.
  8. The night passed in brief naps a few minutes at a time.
  9. IN BRIEF : EC member worried over absentee balloting abroad, NATION
  10. Yeltsin said in brief footage that was aired on Russian television.
  11. Some of her hardest comments came in brief remarks in English.
  12. In brief comments to reporters, he described the visit as congenial.
  13. Sharon said in brief remarks to reporters after meeting with Clinton.
  14. Police detained several protesters in brief scuffles outside the Moscow embassy.
  15. The first appeared just before his 19th birthday in Brief Stories.
  16. In brief it failed to encourage critical thinking, analysis and creativity.
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