in bridge in a sentence

"in bridge" in Chinese  
  1. Most regulating bodies in bridge also prohibit the use of encrypted signals.
  2. The trial judge ruled in Bridges'favor and the government did not appeal.
  3. That's an old story at the Baker house in Bridge City, Texas.
  4. A . J . Cronin's uncle owned a pub in Bridge Street.
  5. The film was shot in Bridge to Terabithia " star Bailee Madison.
  6. It's difficult to find in bridge in a sentence.
  7. Diplomats said the Geneva talks made no headway in bridging the divide.
  8. Both of the systems are now commonly found in bridge partnerships worldwide.
  9. The architect Thomas Wyatt rebuilt the bridge in Bridge Street in 1822.
  10. Bloomberg's memo on Friday was the latest wrinkle in Bridge's long-running travails.
  11. It is commonly used in bridge design, where long spans are needed.
  12. We have waited too long in bridging our differences through dialogue.
  13. We have a unique position in bridging the traditional side with modern technology.
  14. Kieran said it would be like a grand slam in bridge.
  15. The division specialized in bridges, plant work, and smaller civil projects.
  16. That is a wonderful thing for anyone involved in bridge maintenance and operations.
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