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  1. Some kennel clubs discourage the use of blue-eyed dogs in breeding programs.
  2. As an AZA member, Akron Zoo participates in breeding programs to save endangered species.
  3. The zoo sent lions to other areas of Australia to participate in breeding programs.
  4. Mogo is home to the Mogo Zoo, a private zoo specializing in breeding programs for endangered species.
  5. The zoo participates in breeding programs and raise-and-release programs for endangered species such as the Plymouth red-bellied turtle.
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  7. It has been studied in breeding programs and it has been introduced to Australia and South America for cultivation.
  8. The depth of eye color can be selected for in breeding programs and current show Siamese have extremely deep eye color.
  9. This red flushed pearmain sometimes has a strawberry-like flavour, and its early season property is passed on in breeding programs to other cultivars.
  10. Amphidiploid roses including " Rosa kordesii " have been used to some degree in breeding programs in combination with naturally occurring tetraploid roses.
  11. The late 19th century saw significant improvements in breeding programs, although there remained a dispute between the goals of breeders and the needs of the military.
  12. Micropropagation of flowering dogwood is now used in breeding programs aiming to incorporate resistance to dogwood anthracnose and powdery mildew into horticulturally and economically important cultivars.
  13. While far from perfected, the technique of piggybacking ovarian tissue on another species could provide a way to generate female reproductive cells for endangered species in breeding programs.
  14. The park engages in breeding programs that, through exchanges with other zoos and parks, keep the gene pool healthy for the species that are involved in the program.
  15. It is a member of ARAZPA and has had success in breeding programs for endangered species, including the snow leopard, cotton-top tamarin, Black-and-white ruffed lemur, red panda, and Sumatran tiger.
  16. In the EU Directive 1999 / 22 / EC zoos are described as having a role in the preservation of the biodiversity of wildlife animals by conducting research or participation in breeding programs.
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