in breach of in a sentence

"in breach of" in Chinese  
  1. What we had seen was clearly in breach of international conventions,
  2. Penalty : Players in breach of proceeding requirements shall be penalised.
  3. He was therefore in breach of his duty to the company.
  4. Several Italian cities are in breach of EU wastewater treatment standards.
  5. The U . S . is clearly in breach of WTO rules.
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  7. Mourning by survivors was forbidden, in breach of traditional tribal custom.
  8. Cigarette manufacturers have argued this is in breach of their trademark rights.
  9. Neal is in breach of contract and could be sued.
  10. This was a war crime, in breach of the Geneva Convention.
  11. Moreover, the action was said to be in breach of treaty.
  12. She is already in breach of a large number of WP rules.
  13. His editing is extremely disruptive and in breach of policy.
  14. They were not in breach of their duty to use reasonable care.
  15. In August 2013 the station was found in breach of its licence.
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