in branch in a sentence

"in branch" in Chinese  
  1. There will be no radical cuts in branches after the merger,
  2. It has occasionally been observed feeding in branches and low shrubs.
  3. The club has in branches in football, wheelchair basketball and volleyball.
  4. Quincy and Butler Townships in Branch County were also removed.
  5. The hierarchy of the D鰊meh was based in branch divisions.
  6. It's difficult to find in branch in a sentence.
  7. It is used indistinctly in branches or in powder ).
  8. Its main monastery is in branches of the organization.
  9. His two brothers Toby and Walter, joined him in Branch in 1795.
  10. Taxidermy or elements of taxidermy are also used in branches of bio art.
  11. Stubblefield graduated in 1969 from County Line High School in Branch, Arkansas.
  12. Others have been found tangled in branches of trees where the waters hurled them.
  13. -- Tokyo Kyodou Bank eyes major cut in branch network . ( Yomiuri)
  14. The rest was covered in branches in an apparent attempt to conceal its location.
  15. The BL20-GH engines replaced the aging FL9s and F10s in branch service.
  16. His body was laid to rest in Branch Cemetery in State College, Pennsylvania.
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