in braille in a sentence

"in braille" in Chinese  
  1. He also read the few assignments that were available in Braille.
  2. King launches Quran in Braille, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES
  3. Born blind, he learnt music in Braille at age seven.
  4. Materials are available in large print with supplementary information in Braille.
  5. The place is marked by a bronze plaque, written in Braille.
  6. It's difficult to find in braille in a sentence.
  7. She is blind, and the book is not published in Braille.
  8. Only 10 percent of blind people are literate in Braille,
  9. Braille cells are not the only thing to appear in braille text.
  10. Among the phrases in braille are the words " Resurrection city ".
  11. Nemeth Braille is just one code used to write mathematics in braille.
  12. Paul reads Connie a book in Braille amidst mild flirting.
  13. There is no such distinction in braille as it is actually used.
  14. It is also available in Braille and in audio book.
  15. Jamil had also headed and supervised transcribing the New Testament in Braille.
  16. Minerva has been serving " help " in braille into the court.
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