in boycott in a sentence

  1. The Olympics, mired in boycotts, seemed in danger of dying.
  2. Some groups in Greece and Italy refuse to participate in boycotts of merchants.
  3. Despite the boycott, Israeli goods often do make it to Arab markets in boycott countries.
  4. The Southern Baptists will get a writeup in Boycott Quarterly, a Seattle magazine that lists 100 consumer campaigns.
  5. Or else you might become an unknowing and unwilling participant in boycotts against your favorite, environmentally conscious companies.
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  7. In 1999 Vladimir Novosiad refused to participate in boycott announced by the opposition in relation to the parliamentary elections 2000.
  8. In 2016, Florida passed a bill to prevent the state from doing business with companies participating in boycotts of Israel.
  9. This tertiary boycott marked another fundamental shift in boycott policy wherein Arab states would pressure third party states to agree to boycott Israel.
  10. During his time as executive director, he oversaw several racial justice initiatives, organized protests, and trained ministers to participate in boycotts.
  11. The Anti-Defamation League, the world's largest organization fighting anti-Semitism, said last week it does not participate in boycotts.
  12. Some European restaurants are halting sales of Coca-Cola, Marlboro cigarettes and other U . S . brands in boycotts spurred by anti-war sentiment.
  13. Ballagh is an active member of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which has insisted that artists and academics participate in boycotts of Israeli businesses and cultural institutions.
  14. But mostly, this is about the B-word, as in boycott, which would hit them where they live _ in their imported Italian leather wallets.
  15. Ady protested her wrongful termination causing all the tutors and several council members to resign, as well as resulting in boycotts by tutors at other Oxford affiliated schools.
  16. Even before its opening Filmiryhm?was in boycott : big cinema companies didn t accept the new player to the market, not even a small art house cinema.
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