in bounds in a sentence

"in bounds" in Chinese  
  1. In the NCAA and high school one foot in bounds is enough.
  2. Brown and then made a nifty sideline grab and kept in bounds.
  3. Teachers must be on constant alert to keep their language in bounds.
  4. A new factory was opened in Bound Brook, New Jersey, in 1931.
  5. He was able to cushion the ball and stay in bounds.
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  7. Glenn injured the hamstring while trying to stay in bounds on a pass.
  8. It was the Jets'bad luck that the ball remained in bounds.
  9. Only one foot needs to be in bounds on a catch.
  10. I swear to this day he actually levitated to get back in bounds.
  11. He died in Toronto, Canada and is buried in Bound Brook, New Jersey.
  12. The encyclopedia was sold in bound volumes, with payment by installments.
  13. Officials ruled both feet were not in bounds, despite replays showing they were.
  14. If he stayed in bounds, we have the first down,
  15. Then he somehow levitated back in bounds to get both his feet in bounds.
  16. I do keep extensive journals in bound form, by year,
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