in bottled in a sentence

"in bottled" in Chinese  
  1. They provided steroids in liquid form in bottles, injectable stuff,
  2. Neither were sales of Coca-Cola soft drinks in bottles.
  3. American GIs are stationed in yards and camped in bottle factories.
  4. Experts disagree about what consumers should look for in bottled water.
  5. Fans scooped up dirt to put in bottles to take home.
  6. It's difficult to find in bottled in a sentence.
  7. The only sales increase came in bottled water and sports drinks.
  8. The store also saw a 20percent jump in bottled water sales.
  9. His defense played a major role in bottling up Shawn Kemp.
  10. In 2010, Heineken USA launched Newcastle Summer Ale in bottles.
  11. It generally comes in bottles, with 190 mg of caffeine.
  12. In some parts of Vietnam it is commercially available in bottles.
  13. My husband did his best to keep us in bottles,
  14. Lone Star is still available in bottles, but Miller?
  15. He slipped passed authorities unnoticed, carrying bugs in bottles or packages.
  16. Kirin is the brewer with the most invested in bottles.
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