in both hands in a sentence

"in both hands" in Chinese  
  1. Begin by holding the dumbbell horizontally in both hands at shoulder level.
  2. They always hold a drinking vessel made of skin in both hands.
  3. Astereognosis refers specifically to those who lack tactile recognition in both hands.
  4. Rabbi Jose said even one that can be hold only in both hands.
  5. The year is stated as MCCCCXCIV ( 1494 ) in both hand-written versions.
  6. It's difficult to find in both hands in a sentence.
  7. However, Lopez is recovering from surgery to repair torn tendons in both hands.
  8. The color bearer holds a staff with a furled flag in both hands.
  9. He said the assailant was shooting from weapons in both hands.
  10. "That Glenn Close ? " he wonders, his head cradled in both hands.
  11. He took a seat and cradled his head in both hands.
  12. The former first lady has carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.
  13. "You can play it in octaves single notes in both hands.
  14. Slater can be spotted rolling and diving with pistols blazing in both hands.
  15. The mother carried in both hands potted African violets from home.
  16. I have arthritis in both hands, and sometimes my legs hurt at night,
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