in both ears in a sentence

"in both ears" meaning  "in both ears" in Chinese  
  1. Hearing loss that occurs rapidly in both ears is very rare.
  2. He caught tick typhus, and became deaf in both ears.
  3. Some people swear to the effectiveness of stuffing cotton in both ears.
  4. Most people with hearing loss experience reduced hearing capacity in both ears.
  5. What I got is a perforation in both ears.
  6. It's difficult to find in both ears in a sentence.
  7. He had studs in both ears, and surfer bangs with streaked highlights.
  8. Due to a swimming accident, Chiu is partially deaf in both ears.
  9. By 30 they are deaf in both ears.
  10. Wines is profoundly deaf _ 90-percent hearing loss _ in both ears.
  11. You didn't say whether it's in both ears or one.
  12. Sheehan cited a client who suffered permanent hearing loss in both ears in an explosion.
  13. Without apparent struggle, President Clinton has agreed to wear hearing aids in both ears.
  14. Drucker wears hearing aids in both ears and walks with the help of a cane.
  15. He has hearing aids in both ears.
  16. The blow eventually impaired the hearing organs in both ears, and he gradually went deaf.
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