in both countries in a sentence

"in both countries" in Chinese  
  1. Optional excursions in both countries cost between $ 17 and $ 58.
  2. The bank then reported its findings to financial authorities in both countries.
  3. Goh urged businessmen in both countries to increase their investment and trade.
  4. Some 18 million people in both countries are believed to be marooned.
  5. Politicals leaders in both countries are convinced that the issue is important.
  6. It's difficult to find in both countries in a sentence.
  7. Changes provided for in the accord require legislative action in both countries.
  8. Officials in both countries recently claimed their outbreaks seemed to be waning.
  9. High level leaders in both countries vowed in August to mend relations.
  10. Officials in both countries are stressing the need for a peaceful settlement.
  11. New forecasts called for more showers in both countries through the week.
  12. Doner will be responsible for national and regional advertising in both countries.
  13. Searches are also under way in both countries for possible survivors.
  14. The requirements are part of the wine law in both countries.
  15. Increased trade can benefit consumers and create jobs in both countries.
  16. The people in both countries want to have better relations now.
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