in boreholes in a sentence

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  1. The explosives will be set off in boreholes 60 feet deep.
  2. Testing of the material in boreholes is also possible.
  3. The practice of well logging in boreholes dates to 1927, for the French Pechelbronn oil field.
  4. The formation appears in boreholes drilled into oil fields offshore, indicating the formation dips steeply underneath the Santa Barbara Channel.
  5. A more accurate method used to monitor over the longer term, consists of gas monitoring standpipes should be installed in boreholes.
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  7. Geologists are also shooting air guns under water and setting off explosions in boreholes on land to " illuminate " the shaky ground beneath us.
  8. This estimate, corroborated by thousands of observations of heat flow in boreholes all over the world, gives a global average of 6?0 & minus; 2 W / m?
  9. This view had led to the very dangerous and widespread practice of using loose coal dust in mines to pack explosives in boreholes, which had cost many thousands of lives.
  10. The effects of the Samalas eruption form the strongest volcanic signal in boreholes of the radiation forcing of Pinatubo's 1991 eruption was about one-seventh of that of the Samalas eruption.
  11. Hydrologic observatories were placed in boreholes drilled in 2000 ( IODP sites 808 and 1173 ) in an attempt to quantify changes in pore-fluid pressure that are a result of the oncoming Philippine Sea plate ( Davis et al ., 2006 ).

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