in all in a sentence

"in all" meaning  "in all" in Chinese  
  1. All in all she is optimistic about the upbeat color palette.
  2. They have to put new joints in all of my fingers.
  3. The United States has defeated Austria in all five previous meetings.
  4. Sales increased in the first half in all major geographic areas.
  5. Television is going to be the loser in all of this.
  6. It's difficult to find in all in a sentence.
  7. Stocks in all three railroad companies trade on the Big Board.
  8. Arizona Republicans are taking delight in all this extraordinarily early maneuvering.
  9. There is no creepier piece of cartography in all the world.
  10. Sime Darby has got activities in all sectors of the economy.
  11. Opposition to an invasion is running high in all three groups.
  12. How long can we continue to sit in all those cities?
  13. She wants to bring the best out in all of us.
  14. The irony in all this is not lost on observers here.
  15. But does my wife see the good in all of this?
  16. In all Youhanna hit 11 fours in his 152 balls innings.
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