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  1. Coach Steve Kasper appears eager to have McLaren back in action.
  2. Those paintings of the Biglins in action have a terrible immediacy.
  3. Mistaken in action for anthology performance of Monty Python Flying Circus.
  4. Some see the power struggle in Hillah as democracy in action.
  5. The rest of the Bulls were largely missing in action offensively.
  6. It's difficult to find in action in a sentence.
  7. Agassi and Graf were among seven Wimbledon champions in action Tuesday.
  8. To watch him in action is to see someone fully alive.
  9. MoveOn . org touts itself as " Democracy in Action ."
  10. It was the first confirmation the 150 commandoes were in action.
  11. Most of the top teams are in action again on Wednesday.
  12. The president is returning to action and will be in action.
  13. Robenalt runs Compassion in Action through First Baptist Church in Tempe.
  14. To watch Legace in action is to marvel at his dexterity.
  15. People converted or contributed because they saw the Army in action.
  16. Then I had a year where I was missing in action,
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