in accord in a sentence

"in accord" meaning  "in accord" in Chinese  
  1. Its actions are wholly in accord with relevant Security Council resolutions.
  2. Women around the room nodded and rolled their eyes in accord.
  3. McKay, in accord, tapped his heart lightly and nodded.
  4. These bulbs are not in accord with what the country needs,
  5. For one thing, Tykwer and Kieslowski are conceptually in accord.
  6. It's difficult to find in accord in a sentence.
  7. All that was in accord with some easily abused accounting rules.
  8. Anyway, on immigration I am in accord with the pontiff.
  9. This etymology would be more in accord with Varro's.
  10. However, he was no longer in accord with William White.
  11. Interchanges are usually numbered in accord with the mile markers.
  12. "We're basically in accord on issues,"
  13. Bigger ( as in Accord, Camry, and Maxima big ).
  14. In accord with the 1998 law, nominations were open to all.
  15. First, it is not in accord with our structure.
  16. But at times the two sides are not in accord.
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