in a zone in a sentence

"in a zone" meaning  
  1. In a zone blitz, no one is man to man.
  2. I was in a zone; guess I ate my Wheaties.
  3. I was in a zone and never came out of it.
  4. "Belfour's in a zone now,"
  5. He was kind of in a zone there for a while.
  6. It's difficult to find in a zone in a sentence.
  7. "You're just kind of in a zone.
  8. Looking back on it, I wish we were in a zone.
  9. "I was in a zone, " he said.
  10. The house is in a zone in which multifamily dwellings are prohibited.
  11. I was in a zone and I tried to really stay focused.
  12. Everybody tells about being in a zone shooting the ball,
  13. Maybe he was just so nervous that he was in a zone.
  14. Mendoza was in a zone, but he did not seem nervous.
  15. Lehman was in a zone that even he could not easily explain.
  16. "We're in a zone right now,"
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