in a word in a sentence

  1. Now we are going to count the parts in a word.
  2. It visualises similar words to searched word in a word cloud.
  3. In a word, it is unfair to do this to her.
  4. In a word anything which improves the value of an article.
  5. His buddy Nofziger put in a word for him with Reagan.
  6. It's difficult to find in a word in a sentence.
  7. But who remembers to put in a word for our sons?
  8. But some would like to put in a word for wine.
  9. In a word, either the rule should be followed or abolished.
  10. It all looks great in a word document but not here.
  11. In a word, you are getting boring as well as bored.
  12. The field for the Classic is, in a word, classic.
  13. In a word, subject of analyzing becomes subject of examination.
  14. In a word, there will be no second financial crisis,
  15. In a word, I tried to seek the right tone.
  16. The reason can be explained in a word : Davidoff.
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