in a wink in a sentence

  1. In a wink, the answer appeared on the screen.
  2. Those famously hooded eyes go from ironic to deadly in a wink.
  3. In a wink to the skinny-dip opener in " Jaws,"
  4. Amazingly, the Tigers'defenders can strip, stride and score in a wink.
  5. And Kelly McGillis of " Witness " turns up in a wink-wink cameo as an Amish mom.
  6. It's difficult to find in a wink in a sentence.
  7. His running style is similar to Tony Dorsett's in that he can combine power with speed in a wink.
  8. It's handled in a wink-wink way because, after all, we know Josie is really 25.
  9. And then in a wink of an eye, the island and its old industries were gone and almost as quickly forgotten.
  10. If you could somehow link it to lower taxes, our lawmakers would vote to change pi in a wink, and science be hanged.
  11. "If we don't get orders for the C-130J and the other planes we make here, then we would move to Fort Worth in a wink,"
  12. She does die at the end but, for the next two hours that pass in a wink, the audience is treated to the kind of theatrical experience of which legends are made.
  13. As he expires though, he manages to make peace among the warring factions of late medieval Italy in a wink at Verdi's political passion, the unification of 19th century Italy.
  14. In Stanza two, the speaker is saying how the sun believes its beams are strong but he could " eclipse " and " cloud them in a wink " ( line 13 ).
  15. But so many doctors already help their terminally ill patients, in a wink at the law, that Oregon's act would simply legalize an existing practice, supporters of assisted suicide say.
  16. In a wink at the swift transformation from atheism to high church visibility, the daily Moskovsky Komsomolets carried an irreverent banner headline Sunday : " Christ Has Risen, Dear Comrades !"
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